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Online Tutoring for Students

Give your child the tools to succeed.

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How We Help Your Student Succeed

Working With Your Child's Curriculum

We create session plans based on your student's district curriculum as well as the state's standards. Aligning your child's tutoring with their curriculum ensures that their tutoring plan is productive and helpful.

A Different Approach to Learning

We want your student to love learning and feel confident in their academic abilities. We include content-based games, movement breaks, and resources to your student's session to keep them engaged and focused.

Customized ​Learning Plans

We tailor our sessions to your student's needs and learning patterns for a perfect student-oriented tutoring program. We frequently assess your child's growth to ensure that their tutoring sessions are constructive and engaging.

Virtual One-on-One Sessions

We work with your student in one-on-one sessions to ensure all their needs are met and all their questions are answered. We want to create a safe, comfortable learning environment without the pressure of other students.

About Us

Our names are Marwa Faryadi and Lily Brody, we are advanced academic high school students, who are members of the National Honor Society. We offer tutoring for grades K-9 in science, mathematics, language arts, and history. We have been tutoring for over three years. Throughout our experience, we have learned how to quickly adapt to your child's needs, grown close relationships with our students/parents, and created a fulfilling platform that helps educate young students who are building the foundations of their academic career. Our mission is not only to improve your student's grades, but to see personal growth in your student through academic confidence.

Teacher Helping Student


"Excellent—we have had an amazing experience. Both tutors are very patient and effective with my son. My son looks forward to each session and has been able to stay on target or ahead of academic goals for the school year. It has been such a sense of comfort for my son who has been full virtual to have the extra one on one time he needs to learn. Working with Marwa and Lily has really helped to build his confidence in math and language arts this year."

Cara Esposito

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